The Sport Center caters to a wide range of functions; from guest house, bar, restaurant, retail outlets, spa and gymnasium to sporting vocation.

XSI / Entertainment park / Sport center

  • Architecture
  • 2007
  • Italy
  • <10.000 m³

The Sport Center caters to a wide range of functions; from guest house, bar, restaurant, retail outlets, spa and gymnasium to sporting vocation.  It organizes the functions within four abutting blocks in a programmatic relation, connected by hallways between them. The hallways are designed as layers of open corridor system, buffering the activity halls from south side lake, for appropriate natural light and air ventilation.

Concept of translucent vertical planes

Visual introspection study


The designing of the building is mainly characterized by a high visual introspection of sports, with deliberated purpose to trigger voyeuristic psychological mechanisms, exhibitionistic and competitive in an ambit. The introspection is ensured by using transparent and translucent vertical planes, which not only emphasizes the four blocks to appear as evident lucid volumes, but also reveals the depth of the building.

Entrance view

Model program

Model views


Renders / Bluemotion

Program / Sport center

Location / Jesolo / Venice / Italy

Client / Private

Design team / Ruggero Baldasso with Andrea Ronchiato / Andrea Battistin / Dibakar Chakraborty / Marco Dal Toso / Alice De Cesaro / Emanuele Faggion / Elisabetta Marchese / Manuel Marchesin / Marco Sensini

Site area / 1.800 m2

Floor area / 1.300 m2

Volume / 6.800 m3

Costs / 1.400.000 euro



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