Residential building on the Piave river, near the Venetian lagoon. The plans and the facades of the building strictly result from the need of placing a considerable volume within the limits imposed by the shape of the lot, by the maximum permitted height and from the need to provide all the fl ats a view of the river.

BLA / Residential building on the Piave river / Now open

  • Architecture
  • 2002
  • Italy
  • <10.000 m³

The project inherits its strategy for the structure of the fronts from Venetian facades. In those, the initially regular pattern of the fronts became a patchwork of openings and balconies due to the successive periods of remodelling of the needs of the inhabitants changed over time.

In the residence the volume makes informal use of the windows and Venetian loggias, where wide and small openings coexist with shallow and deep balconies. The roof contains the same model of openings as the facades, with excavations punctuating vertically through the top stories.



The two facades of the building facing the river and the wooden area located behind appear predominantly porous. The ample permeability and the wide openings concentrated on these two fronts assure the views on the main features of the contest.



Moreover, the presence of the nearby big deciduous trees provides the building the protection from direct summer sunlight while, in wintertime, it allows maximum heat gain at daytime. The plaster’s exterior walls matches the surrounding wood with its trunks and lichens.






Programs / Residetial building on the Piave River

Location / Musile di Piave / Venice / Italy

Clients / Private

Design Team / Ruggero Baldasso / Martin Ahlstrom / Andrea De Faveri / Gianluca Nicolini / Riccardo Pellizzon / Mattia Zanetti

Structural engeniring / Giacomo Perissinotto

Site Area / 1.200 m2

Volume / 4.200 m2

Cost / 2.200.000 euro


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