The competition required the design for a new complex of government buildings in Nansha, a new town with a barycentric position between Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau.

NAN / Government building centre / First Price

  • Architecture
  • 2005
  • China
  • <1.000.000 m³

The competition required the design for a new complex of government buildings in Nansha, a new town with a barycentric position between Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau. The Nansha island is to the centre of the Pearl River Delta where most of goods produced in the Guangdong region converge.

Bird eye’s view

The main access from the North climbs over a hill and allows a bird’s eye view on the site, which is followed by the new financial centre, residential areas and, in the background, by the sea. The elevation of the visual access to the site and the privileged point of view on the area planned for the new government buildings has suggested the idea for a main geometric sign which would be clearly visible and recognizable while reaching Nansha.

Photo of the model

A huge 600 by 600 meters square-founding sign is placed on the site and becomes the symbol of this new town. This geometrical figure searches for the settlement reasons along its sides and inside itself. The nature is next but external, it joins with the territory of hills next to the site. This urban square is a new Chandigarh, it is the opposite of Central Park in New York where the empty-rectangle left by the city is filled by the nature: here the empty-square is the reason and the chance for a town planning of density and concentration, entirely surrounded and limited by nature and sea.

Analysis of generative elements facades and roofs

The architectural project is characterized by the presence of courtyards and slabs with an average height of 40 meters. The system of courtyards, excavated in the fronts and often suspended from the ground in order to allow their natural ventilation, translate the typology of the old Chinese patio buildings into a newer and much denser typology. The dark and strong concrete facades of the footing of the buildings are counterbalanced by the presence of several openings which go back to the tradition of the Chinese windows, while the facades of the suspended courtyards are protected by glass sunshades from the sub-tropical sun and their soft undulations go along the Chinese roof tradition again.

View of southern buildings facades


Courthyards views

Night view


Partnership / 5+1 AA / Metrogramma

Programs / Government building centre

Location / Guangzhou

Clients / GZPI [Guangzhou Planning Institute]

Design Team / Ruggero Baldasso with Andrea Boschetti and Alfonso Femia / Andrea De Faveri / Domenico Conaci / Simonetta Cenci / Haohao Xu / Jiang Feng / Ting Yang / Xiaoquing Chen / Canny / Ekaterina Golovatyuk

Site Area / 800.000 m2

Volume / 600.000 m3




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