Multiplex houses 6 cinema projections along with a 400seat IMAX. Restaurants, Bars, lounge bars and retail shops also complement the recreational character of this multiplex.

XSI / Entertainment park / Multiplex

  • Architecture
  • 2007
  • Italy
  • <100.000 m³

trenching panels

Concept construction system

Facades genereting geometries

Trenching panels sequence Multiplex houses 6 cinema projections along with a 400seat IMAX. Restaurants, Bars, lounge bars and retail shops also complement the recreational character of this multiplex.

The main access transversely penetrates the building and tries to connect the main Island and the pedestrian promenade. The transverse foyer also forms the main distribution space for the multiplex, with the restaurants, bars and shops overlooking it. The mini theatres are one of the special features of the multiplex, that can be a transformed into cinema lounge, private party rooms, conference rooms, etc. The roof is also transformed into an open air cinema park of 3000m2 extruded from the virgin ground.

The structural character of the multiplex has been derived from the actual construction process involved. The facades are made out of the trenching panels to be used for the basement excavation of the cinema rooms. Thus the space enclosure is a direct reflection of the basement operation. This not only generates the basic facade pattern, but also helps in insulating the building.


Entrance front

Model views.


Renders / Bluemotion

Program / Multiplex

Location / Jesolo / Venice / Italy

Client / Private

Design team / Ruggero Baldasso with Andrea Ronchiato / Andrea Battistin / Dibakar Chakraborty / Marco Dal Toso / Alice De Cesaro / Emanuele Faggion / Elisabetta Marchese / Manuel Marchesin / Marco Sensini

Floor area / 2.900 m2

Volume / 22.000 m3

Total seats / 762 seats [6 cinema halls and 1 Imax]

Costs / 2.000.000 euro


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