Inside of 798, RBA is invited to present its chinese project during the 10 days of BDW.

Event / RBA exhibiting at the Beijng Design Week


Inside of 798, RBA is invited to present its chinese project during the 10 days of BDW.

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RBA approach

In the last two decades, the Chinese cities faces radical changes: the model of the North-American tower, symbol of the density, born due to the market pressure, has been imported without any urban and architectural critical approach, turning the former urban villages and farms into high density areas. The American cities planned  to set and preserve into the crowded urban fabric, places of “decompression”: in that sense the example of Central Park in New York seems emblematic.

Instead, the Chinese cities didn’t planned any of this places, constraining the citizens to travel far away the city to find it out. The small urban parks and squares often stucks between big buildings, and it’s clear that these spaces can’t guarantee any “release” or “slowliness” to the inhabitants.

Our proposal focuses on  urban and architectural issues, playing with the common city vision and release the tower typology from the strict market requests.

The environment surrounding the tower is a wide park, where people can meet, have sport and relax in a large and quite space far from big roads and narrow urban streets. Valleys are  placed into this texture to protect and isolate.

The tower, density’s main reason and cause, is designed as a vertical transposition of the garden below. In here, we’re avoiding the common floor stacking, so in the tower there are transparent huge and tall rooms, “flying lay temples”, silent places. The people can fully enjoy the release of “float” above the city, with the sensation that almost no walls, no roof or floor to constrain them.




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